Our Achievements

We provide guide services since 2007. At this time we have served about four thousand various tourist groups.

School groups
A large part of the subjects is handling school groups, we are very eager to take on this kind of guidance, we match the narrative to the age of tourists. Such flexibility is necessary, maintain the interest of for example teenagers is a pretty big art. The challenge as well as an interesting experience was support for groups of preschoolers in June 2011.

Examples of handled school:

  • School Complex No. 3 in Plonsk;
  • School Complex No. 6 in Gdansk;
  • Gymnasium No. 4 in Piotrkow Trybunalski;
  • Public School Complex in Bytonia;
  • Public School Complex in Cieszanow;
  • And many others…

Tour operators
We cooperate with numerous Polish tour operators, within the framework of this cooperation we serve all described in this section guiding issues: school groups, retirees, teachers, disabled people, corporate trips and foreign groups.

We work with sample travel agencies:

  • Team Tour Kutno;
  • Polish Tourist Country Lovers Branch Piotrkow Trybunalski;
  • Tourist Services Agency WEKTUR Przysucha;
  • Travel Agency SLAVIA Sieradz;
  • Tour Office ROMA Szczecin;
  • Tourist Services Agency TETUR Końskie;
  • And many others…

Groups of retirees

With this kind of topics the most important issue is to match the pace of sightseeing to the strength of the group. Therefore we lead our retirees without unnecessary haste, and because participants are often surprisingly curious of the world – with our guide narration we are trying to meet this wide interest.

Examples of handled groups of retirees:

  • Group of the Municipal Cultural Centre in Malbork;
  • Group of the District Branch of the Polish Union of Pensioners and the Disabled in Zyrardow;
  • Group of the University of the Third Age in Chodzież;
  • And many others…

Groups of disabled people

Unlike some guides we do not avoid this kind of themes. We have observed that it is people with disabilities who are the most appreciative group of listeners. As the greatest achievement we consider a very successful guiding of a group of tourist from the Center for the Blind in Laski.

Corporate trips
Such kind of groups we offer a slower pace of sightseeing, lighter programs and more frequent breaks for tea, coffee or beer… We know from experience that for these trips the most important is the possibility of rest.

Examples of handled corporate trips:

  • Water and Sewerage Company in Wyszkow
  • The Cooperative Bank of Warmia
  • Penalty Prison in Wolow
  • Sharp Manufacturing Poland in Ostaszewo
  • The European Parliament, team of translators, guided tours in Polish
  • And many others…

Foreign groups

These are a very diverse issues: from the guiding individuals to handling large groups of tourists. We worked with tourists from all continents. Such groups we serve slightly different than the Polish-language tour, foreign tourists are curious not only because of Gdansk, but also because of the history of Poland and especially about everyday life in our country.

And such knowledge we present in very interesting way.

Examples of handled foreign groups:

  • UEFA – support groups of tourists during the Euro 2012 championship event;
  • Pakistan Navy – Admiral staff and other senior officers;
  • NATO Oberammergau School – guiding support for several dozens of officers;
  • Guiding support for EU Commissioners;
  • Tritec Norco AS – a dozen people from Norway;
  • Energa Operator SA – a group of Japanese engineers and managers;
  • Deloitte Advisory – support for President of company;
  • Alstom Power – group of engineers from the Balkan countries.
  • Guiding US Army soldiers.
  • Guiding advisers to the US Congress.

Cooperation with museums
We cooperate or have cooperated with the following museum institutions:

  • Museum of Stutthof Concentration Camp;
  • Museum of World War II
  • Exhibition “Roads to Freedom”.